Arthropod Photographic Identification Website and
Entomological Consulting Service
The Mid-Atlantic Invertebrate Field Studies
(MAIFS) website provides a photographic
identification reference for the terrestrial and
fresh water invertebrates found within the
Mid-Atlantic Region.  MAIFS is also a Consulting
Service that provides expertise and field work on
the survey, identification and conservation of
terrestrial and fresh water invertebrates in
Maryland and the District of Columbia.
MAIFS clients include:

  • Conservation and Environmental Organizations -- surveys or evaluations of insects and other

  • Federal Agencies -- surveys or evaluations of insects and other invertebrates

  • State/County Agencies -- surveys or evaluations of insects and other invertebrates

  • Environmental Consulting Firms -- targeted invertebrate surveys

  • Private industry -- endangered invertebrate surveys and evaluations -- and pest identification for
pest control/management companies

  • Individuals -- identification of pest arthropods and/or the conservation of invertebrate biodiversity on
their property
Mid-Atlantic Invertebrate
Field Studies (MAIFS)
MAIFS provides field surveys, identification, wildlife photography, advice and
analysis for:
dragonflies, damselflies, butterflies, stoneflies, tiger beetles, bees, ants, grasshoppers,
katydids, crickets, spiders, and most other arthropod groups;  federal and state endangered/threatened
arthropods;  Indicator species for freshwater wetland/terrestrial habitats and  analysis/identification of invasive or
pestilent arthropods.
What is new:

October 10, 2018 -- Added photo of the caterpillar of a White-dotted Groundling (Condica videns).

October 5, 2018 -- Added a Kent County, Maryland record and a Washington D.C. record for Blue-faced Meadowhawk
Sympetrum ambiguum) thanks to Jim Moore and Sharon Forsyth.

September 28, 2018 -- Added photos of a Scallop Moth Caterpillar (
Cepphis sp. prob. decoloraria), a Spotted Orbweaver
                                 spider (
Neoscona domiciliorum), a Striped Blister Beetle (Epicauta vittata), a Waved Sphinx Caterpillar
Ceratomia undulosa), a Witch Hazel Dagger Caterpillar (Acronicta hamamelis) and the Tortrix Moth
Clepsis pertana/penetrals).

September 26, 2018 -- Added photos of a Large Maple Spanworm Moth (
Prochoerodes lineola), a Leaf-footed Bug
Leptoglossus fulvicornis) and the Syrphid Fly (Rhingia nasica).

September 25, 2018 -- Added photos of a Furrow Orbweaver (
Lariniodes cornutus), Geometrid Moth (Macaria sp.) and the
                                 Green Cloverworm Moth (
Hypena scabra).

September 24, 2018 -- Added photos of an Antmimic Jumping Spider (
Synemosyna formica), Common House
                                  Spider (
Parasteatoda tepidariorum), Black-waved Flannel Caterpillar (Megalopyge crispata) and a Small
                                  Necklace Moth Caterpillar (Noctuidae --
Hypsoropha hormos).

September 9, 2018 -- Added Dorchester County Record of a Blue-faced Meadowhawk (
Sympetrum ambiguum).
Last update:  October 10, 2018