Arthropod Photographic Identification Website and
Entomological Consulting Service
The Mid-Atlantic Invertebrate Field Studies
(MAIFS) website provides a photographic
identification reference for the terrestrial and
fresh water invertebrates found within the
Mid-Atlantic Region.  MAIFS is also a Consulting
Service that provides expertise and field work on
the survey, identification and conservation of
terrestrial and fresh water invertebrates in
Maryland and the District of Columbia.
MAIFS clients include:

  • Conservation and Environmental Organizations -- surveys or evaluations of insects and other

  • Federal Agencies -- surveys or evaluations of insects and other invertebrates

  • State/County Agencies -- surveys or evaluations of insects and other invertebrates

  • Environmental Consulting Firms -- targeted invertebrate surveys

  • Private industry -- endangered invertebrate surveys and evaluations -- and pest identification for
pest control/management companies

  • Individuals -- identification of pest arthropods and/or the conservation of invertebrate biodiversity on
their property
Mid-Atlantic Invertebrate
Field Studies (MAIFS)
MAIFS provides field surveys, identification, wildlife photography, advice and
analysis for:
dragonflies, damselflies, butterflies, stoneflies, tiger beetles, bees, ants, grasshoppers,
katydids, crickets, spiders, and most other arthropod groups;  federal and state endangered/threatened
arthropods;  Indicator species for freshwater wetland/terrestrial habitats and  analysis/identification of invasive or
pestilent arthropods.
What is new:

February 5, 2016 -- Added photos of Leonard's Skipper, Hesperia leonardus, the caterpillar of the White-streaked Prominent Moth,
Oligocentria lignicolor, the Long-horned Bee, Melissodes denticulata, the Texas Mocis Moth, Mocis texana, the pupa
                             of the Monarch Butterfly, the Northern Cloudywing Skipper,
Thorybes pylades and the Magnolia Serpentine Leafminer
                             Moth, Gracillariidae,
Phyllocnistis magolia.

February 4, 2016 -- Added photos of the Four-humped Stinkbug,
Brochymena quadripustulata, the Giant Mayfly, Hexagena limbata, the
                              Goldenglow Aphids,
Uroleucon rubeckiae and the caterpillar of the Noctuid Gold Moth Basilodes pepita.

February 3, 2016 -- Added photos of the Eastern Snowfly, Plecoptera,
Allocapnia recta, the Curve-lined Looper caterpillar Lambdina
species and the Cream-edged Dichomeris, Gelechiidae Moth, Dichomeris flavorcostella).

February 2, 2016 -- Added photos of the Noctuid Moth Caterpillar, Baltimore Bomolocha (
Bomolocha baltimoralis), the Geometrid
                             Moth Caterpillar, Canadian Melanolophia (
Melonophia canadaria), the Arctid Moth caterpillar of the Clymene Moth
Haploa clymene) and the adult and egg case of the Cornfield Bolas Spider (Mastophora hutchinsoni).
Last update:  February 5, 2016